Activity Report 2016

The Bethlen Gábor Foundation was established in 2000 and has been supporting the teaching and learning activities at the Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud ever since.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

Godparent programme

contribution to the costs of boarding students

supporting students’ scientific and literary activities

support for cultural and sporting events

rewarding students who have achieved outstanding academic results

raising the quality of teaching and learning

housing allowance for young teachers

The Foundation’s activities and achievements in 2016:

Supporting boarding students with scholarships: the Godparent Programme, Pro Diaspora Scholarship, Vienna Scholarship, Juhász Mária Scholarship,  Molnár Árpád Scholarship, Vienna Scholarship, Berlin Scholarship

Management of the special prizes to be awarded at the 15 March celebrations, graduation and end of year ceremonies

Support for the activities of the Fenichel Sámuel Self-education Circle. The circle coordinates the academic activities of the students of the college.

Financial support for the Folk Dance Group in the college.

Support for Collegium Gabrielense, an early music and dance ensemble.

Support for the college choir

Financial support for the publication of publications about the school.

Covering the costs of travel to scientific meetings and competitions


Sponsored events, competitions:

Competitions – Debrecen – Dvorácsek Ágoston  – RON 430

National Talent Support Programme – Budapest – RON 503

Green Fashion – Alba Iulia – Tóth Tünde, Deak Rodika, students – RON 176

World of Legends Competition – Târgu Mures –  Tomai Gyöngyi  – RON 100

Competition – Szarvas – Dvorácsek Ágoston, Józsa Gabriella, students – RON 230

Physics competition – Hódmezővásárhely – Dvorácsek Ágoston – RON 470

History Quiz – Târgu Mures – Kónya Mária  – RON 60

Transport and excursions for children from Pécs – RON 697,60+162

Várad – Choir meeting -Tomai Gyöngyi – RON 1200

Cluj-Napoca – Sapientia University – László Enikő – RON 400

Reward books – RON 2647

Paint for benches in the Hall – RON 1536

Restoration works (pulpit) – RON 3921


Targeted grants managed and implemented by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation:

Godparent programme – RON 70963,98

Molnár Árpád Prize-scholarship – RON 2961,78

Simon László Prize – scholarship – RON 5392,21

Sepsi Noémi Zsuzsanna Prize – RON 1000

Juhász Mária Scholarship – RON 8100

Vienna scholarship – RON 35220,34

BGA – RON 86170

Communitas Pro Diaspora – RON 18360

Berlin Scholarship – RON 12700

Molnar Mackay Scholarship -RON  1800



2% – RON 3369,96

English book – RON 135

publishing – RON 5000  (Dunai Róbert) – RON 1000  (Horváth István)


Other income

Transylvanian Reformed Diocese – RON 52701,52  – for the inauguration of the renewed dormitory

Veldhausen – RON 13493

Other donations – RON 3876,90

Exchange rate increase – RON 6462,61

Income from other financial investments – RON 5877,14

The donations listed above were made by companies and individuals to support our students’ travel to competitions.


Successful applications of the Bethlen Gábor Foundation in Aiud in 2016


Sponsor Objective of the application Amount awarded Responsible for the application
BGA Opening ceremony HUF 600,000 Turzai Melania
BGA Dancers’ dresses HUF 400,000 Turzai Melania
BGA Equipment for boarding HUF 3,500,000 Turzai Melania
Communitas Pro Diaspora scholarship RON 18,360 Turzai Melania
Communitas Pro Diaspora scholarship RON 21,424 Turzai Melania



Szőcs Ildikó Horváth Éva Enikő
President of the Foundation CFO


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