Activity Report 2020

The Bethlen Gábor Foundation was established in 2000 and has been supporting the teaching and learning activities at the Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud ever since.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

-Godparent programme

-contribution to  the costs of boarding students

-to support students’ scientific and literary activities

-support for cultural and sporting events

-awarding students who have achieved outstanding academic results

-raise the quality of teaching and learning

-housing allowance for young teachers

The Foundation’s activities and achievements in 2020:

-Supporting boarding students with scholarships: the Godparent programme, the Communitas Scholarship, the Vienna Scholarship, the Juhász Mária Scholarship, the Molnár Árpád Prize, the Berlin Scholarship, the McKay Scholarship, the Dr.  Hangody László Prize, Sepsi Noémi Zsuzsanna Prize, Simon László Prize, Stefanovszky Tertiary Education Scholarship, Veress László Tertiary Education Scholarship, Dr. Szőcs Gyula Kálmán Tertiary Education Scholarship, Bajusz Pál Prize.

-Manage special prizes to be awarded at graduation and end of year ceremonies

-Support for the activities of the Fenichel Sámuel Self-education Circle. The circle coordinates the academic activities of the students of the college.

-Financial support for the Folk Dance Group in the college.

-Support for the Collegium Gabrielense early music and dance ensemble.

-Support for the college’s Chorus Princeps choir.

-Support for the Reverse Horseshoe Drama Circle

-Organising events or supporting events organised by the college: the Bethlen Ball

-Financial support for the publication of publications about the school.

– Covering the costs of travel to scientific meetings and competitions.

Supported talent workshops, events, competitions, happenings:

Support for the “Emlékezzünk, hogy megmaradjunk” Celebration Dinner – RON 84

Purchase of literary books, Katona József: “Bánk bán”, 10pcs – Nagy Egon – RON 214,20

Support for the trip to the Bible Knowledge Competition between Reformed Colleges – Oradea – Kónya Tibor- RON 170

Danube House “Fairytale Roof” project, travel expenses – Torockó – Szakács  Mária– RON 886

Competition – Ilona Zrínyi Mathematics Competition – Cluj-Napoca – Turzai Ildikó  – RON 700

Support for travel to the RKDK competition – Cluj – Dvorácsek Ágoston – RON 60

Lőrincze Lajos library extension tender – Ercsey Etelka – RON 292

Sándor Wekerle library extension tender – Ercsey Etelka– RON 201

Support for the preparation of the Gheorgheni gastronomic competition – Magyari Melinda– RON 372

Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Plc. information tour – Cluj-Napoca – Szőcs Ildikó – RON 60

Covering the travel expenses for the Alba County Homecoming event – Cluj –  Komáromi Kristóf – RON 170

Support for the repatriation of students from the Gheorgheni Basin – RON 3525

Purchase of maintenance equipment – Szakács László  – RON 210

Purchase of maintenance tools – Kerekes Árpád- RON 23

Security guard course participation fee – Pavel Traian Felician – RON 150

Purchase of maintenance materials for the canteen of the college -Papp Ana – RON 243

Green Belt Maintenance – Papp Ana – RON 76

Purchase of a clothes dryer for the boarding school of the Roman Catholic parish –  Nagy Egon – RON 118

Purchase of an extension cord for the school – Gábor Elena Ella -RON 79

Common recreational activities for boarding students – Szőcs Ferenc József – RON 100

Purchase of cameras and microphones for the college – RON 255

Purchase of electric heaters – Papp Ana – RON 248

Purchase of an electric heater – Nagy Egon – RON 59

Purchase of stone surface varnish, maintenance of monuments – Szőcs Ferenc József- RON 24,5

Purchase of cables for the college – László – RON 50

Purchase of materials for the maintenance of doors and windows in the dormitory – Papp Ana – RON 2075

Purchase of Christmas gift packages -Szőcs Ildikó  – RON 188

Purchase of webcams for the college – RON 254

Arrangement of the college archives – RON 14337

Purchase of consumables for the college – RON 1035

Production of advertising material for the college – K-visuals – RON 4658,64

Foundation operating costs (salaries, bills): cashbook-3783 + Diocese transfers: 2104 + Salaries 52754 = RON 58 641


Targeted grants managed and implemented by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation:

– Godparent Programme – RON 177218

– Molnár  Árpád Prize-scholarship – RON 2500

-Simon László Prize – Scholarship – RON 1600

-Sepsi Noémi Zsuzsanna  Prize– RON 1000

-Wien Scholarship – RON 12 000

-Communitas   Foundation – RON 28840

-Berlin scholarship – RON 15493

-Margaret Mckay Scholarship – RON 1800

-Dr. Dominich Sándor Prize – RON 200

-Dr.  Hangody László Prize -RON  900

-Deák Prize – RON 200

-Bethlen Gábor Foundation Prize – RON 600

-Ficzere Andrea Prize – RON 900

-Dr. Szőcs Gyula Kálmán Tertiary Education Scholarship – HUF 150,000

-Bajusz Pál Prize – RON 1000

-Kisvárda scholarship: RON 7674

-District of the Reformed Church of Transylvania: RON 16500  – operation and reward books.


Donations and other income:

-3.5% – RON 5419

– “Vele” Slaughterhouse – Sponsorship contract – RON 1000

-AMMOA – Csángó – Hungarian students travel expenses – HUF 1,000,000

-addition to the operating costs of the Foundation – HUF 466620

-Veldhausen – RON 12165

-Other donations – RON 161885

-Exchange rate increase – RON 15594

-Other financial investment income – RON 8640

The donations listed above were made by companies and individuals to support our students’ travel to competitions.

Successful applications of the Bethlen Gábor Foundation in Aiud in 2020:


Sponsor Objective of the application Amount awarded Responsible person/Application status
Ministry of Human Capacities (Csoóri Sándor Programme) Support for the Fügevirág folk dance group of Aiud and its youth HUF 1,400,000 Veres Edit

aid granted

BGA Support for the operation and talent workshops of the Bethlen Gábor Foundation in Aiud HUF 1,000,000 Veres Edit


BGA Support for the Bethlen Gábor College of Social Sciences HUF 5,000,000 Veres Edit




Renovation of a teacher’s flat HUF 1,500,000


Veres Edit


AMMOA Renovation of a teacher’s flat HUF 1,300,000 Veres Edit


Communitas Foundation Covering of boarding costs RON 28,840 Veres Edit

aid granted



Szőcs Ildikó

President of the Foundation

Kiss Blanka

Office Manager

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