Activity Report 2021

The Bethlen Gábor Foundation was established in 2000 and has been supporting the teaching and learning activities at the Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud ever since.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

-Godparent programme

-contribution to the costs of boarding students

-to support students’ scientific and literary activities

-support for cultural and sporting events

-awarding students who have achieved outstanding academic results

-raise the quality of teaching and learning

-housing allowance for young teachers


The Foundation’s activities and achievements in 2020:

-Supporting boarding students with scholarships: the Godparent Programme, the Communitas Scholarship, the Vienna Scholarship, the Juhász Mária Scholarship, the  Molnár Árpád Prize, the Berlin Scholarship, the McKay Scholarship, the Dr. Hangody László Prize, the Sepsi Noémi Zsuzsanna Prize, the László Simon Prize, the Stefanovszky Tertiary Education Scholarship, the dr. Veress László Tertiary Education Scholarship, Dr. Szőcs Gyula Kálmán Tertiary Education Scholarship, Bajusz Pál Prize, Tőkés László Foundation Scholarship, Dr.  Végh István Tertiary Education Scholarship.

-Manage special prizes to be awarded at graduation and end of year ceremonies

-Support for the activities of the Fenichel Sámuel Self-education Circle. The circle coordinates the academic activities of the students of the college.

-Financial support for the Fügevirág folk dance group in the college.

-Support for the Collegium Gabrielense early music and dance ensemble.

-Support for the college’s Chorus Princeps choir.

-Support for the Reverse Horseshoe Drama Circle

-Organising events or supporting events organised by the college: organising a folkdance camp.

-Financial support for the publication of publications about the school.

-Covering the costs of travel to scientific meetings and competitions.


Supported talent workshops, events, competitions, happenings:

Kindergarten Open Day Support – Szakács Mária – RON 27

Support for travel to the “Jancsó Benedek” history competition – Galambfalvi Angyalka – RON 90

Welcome ceremony – providing the first graders with a welcome gift –  Gilyén Izabella – RON 99

Support for travel to the joint opening of the school year of Reformed institutions in the Carpathian Basin – Demeter Szabolcs – RON 194

Open Day at Sapientia University in Târgu Mures – László Enikő – RON 300

Scanning Romanian textbooks for educational purposes – Popa Ana-Maria – RON 479

Purchase of reward books for the end of the school year ceremony – Szakács Ildikó – RON 184

Purchase of prize books for the end of the school year ceremony – Gilyén Izabella – RON 664

Support for live coverage of the prom – RON 1000

Purchase of prize books for the end-of-year ceremony – Ercsey Etelka – RON 730

The Bethlen Gábor College hosted an open day organised by the Hungarian Pedagogical Association – RON 274,32

Support for the “Foundation for the Future” – RON 1250

Provision of measures for the purchase of instruments for the IKE orchestra – travel allowance – Szilágyi Róbert – RON 68

Lőrincze Lajos library extension tender – Ercsey Etelka – RON 265,23

Internet network maintenance -Lukács-Szikra Tímea -RON  80

Purchase of yard maintenance equipment – Szakács László  – RON 520

Nursery chair maintenance – Papp  Ana– RON 127

Purchase of cleaning tablets for kitchen equipment maintenance – Varga Éva – RON 1055

Purchase of kitchen utensils for the dormitory kitchen – RON 466

Green Belt maintenance – RON 56  + 154+611

Provision of consumables in the college building – RON 171

Funding for the planting of a living garden in the courtyard of the college – RON 1200

Christmas present for the teachers and staff of the college – RON 1980

Purchase of curtains for the dormitories – RON 1081,60

Purchase of furniture for the storage of folk costumes – RON 534

Christmas catering -RON 81,65

Foundation operating costs (salaries, bills): cashbook- RON 6068.91

+ Bank transfers – RON 20 730,34

+ Transfers Diocese: RON 6229,56

+ Wages RON 52937

= RON 85 965,81


Targeted grants managed and implemented by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation:

-Godparent programme -RON 194 402

-Molnár Árpád Prize-scholarship -RON 2000

-Vita Zsigmond Prize – RON 300

-Simon László Prize – Scholarship – RON 1600

-Sepsi Noémi Zsuzsanna Prize– RON 1000

-Wien Scholarship – RON 12 000

-Berlin  scholarship – RON 15 765

-Communitas Foundation – RON 31 620

-Aracs Trischler Premium Scholarship – HUF 500 000

-Dr.  Dominich Sándor Prize – RON 200

-Dr. Hangody  László Prize – RON 950

-Deák Prize – RON 200

-Bethlen   Gábor Foundation Prize – RON 900

-Ficzere Andrea Prize – RON 900

-Dr. Szőcs Gyula Kálmán Tertiary Education Scholarship – HUF 150,000

-Dr. Végh István Tertiary Education Scholarship – RON 6640

-Bajusz Pál Prize – RON 1000

-Kisvárda scholarship: RON 5200

-Kisvárda   study scholarship – RON 2600

-Road towards the Michelin star scholarship – RON 300

-District of the Reformed Church of Transylvania: RON 11500  – operation and reward books.


Donations and other income:

-3.5% – RON 7091

– “Batson Construct SRL” – Sponsorship contract – for the purchase of a TV for kindergarten, for didactic purposes -RON 1500

-AMMOA – Csángó – Hungarian students’ travel expenses – HUF 1.500.000

-to supplement the operating costs of the Foundation   – HUF 600 000

-addition to the cost of kitchen furniture for the kindergarten     – HUF 250 000

-Veldhausen       – RON 12371

-Other donations – RON 9383

-Exchange rate increase – RON 40 491


Successful applications of the Bethlen Gábor Foundation in Aiud in 2021

Sponsor Objective of the application Amount awarded Responsible person/Application status
Ministry of Human Capacities (Csoóri Sándor Programme) Support for the Fügevirág folk dance group of Aiud and its youth HUF 1,400,000 Kiss Blanka

aid granted

State Secretariat for National Policy (BGA Zrt.)

National New Start Programme I.

Operational support and purchase of equipment for the Bethlen Gábor Foundation in Aiud HUF 700,000 Kiss Blanka


State Secretariat for National Policy of the Prime Minister’s Office

(BGA Zrt.)

Invitation to tender

Support for the Bethlen Gábor College of Social Sciences HUF 5,000,000 Kiss Blanka


State Secretariat for National Policy of the Prime Minister’s Office

(BGA Plc.)

Individual request

Gymnasium- construction of a multifunctional pitch and modernisation of a football pitch HUF 31,733,240


Kiss Blanka

aid granted

Ministry of Human Capacities/Support Management Purchase of instruments for the IKE orchestra HUF 2,100,000 Kiss Blanka

aid granted

Prime Minister’s Office Minister for Families

Human Capacities Support Service

National Talent Programme


Support for the “Reverse Horseshoe” theatre group



HUF 1,680,000


Kiss Blanka

aid granted


Szőcs Ildikó

President of the Foundation

Horváth Éva Enikő

Chief Accountant

Kiss Blanka

Office Manager

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