Activity Report 2019

The Bethlen Gábor Foundation was established in 2000 and has been supporting the teaching and learning activities at the Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud ever since.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

Godparent programme

contribution to the costs of boarding students

supporting students’ scientific and literary activities

support for cultural and sporting events

rewarding students who have achieved outstanding academic results

raising the quality of teaching and learning

housing allowance for young teachers


The Foundation’s activities and achievements in 2019:

Supporting students with scholarships and prizes: the Godparent programme, the Communitas scholarship, the Vienna Scholarship, the Juhász Mária Scholarship, the Molnár Árpád Prize, the Berlin Scholarship, the McKay Scholarship, the Dr. Hangody  László Prize, Sepsi Noémi Zsuzsanna Prize, Simon László Prize, Stefanovszky Postgraduate Scholarship, Sógor Csaba Tertiary Education Scholarship, dr Veress  László Tertiary Education Scholarship, Dr. Szőcs Gyula Kálmán Tertiary Education Scholarship,  Bajusz Pál Prize.

Management of the special prizes to be awarded at the 15 March celebrations, graduation and end-of-year ceremonies

Support for the activities of the Fenichel Samuel Self-education Circle. The circle coordinates the academic activities of the students of the college.

Financial support for the Fügevirág folk dance group in the college.

Support for Collegium Gabrielense, an early music and dance ensemble.

Support for the college’s Chorus Princeps choir.

Support for the Reverse Horseshoe Drama Circle

Organisation of events or support for events organised by the college Bethlen Ball, Bethlen Day, 15 March, 1956 commemoration, etc.

Financial support for the publication of publications about the school.

Covering the costs of travel to scientific meetings and competitions.

The Foundation has become the owner of a 4-bedroom apartment in Aiud through a donation from Kaba Piroska.


Supported talent workshops, events, competitions, happenings:

Competitions – Ilona Zrínyi/Gordius Mathematics Competition – Cluj Napoca – Turzai Ildikó  – RON 750

Expansion of the library stock of Bethlen Gábor College – Lőrincze Lajos library expansion application – RON 293,37

Purchase of beds for the dormitory of Bethlen Gábor College – RON 2990

Contribution to a reward package for preparatory class students at the beginning of the school year – RON 232,8

Organisation and support of the Renaissance afternoon -Galambfalvi  Angyalka- RON 4988  – BGA application

Support for a trip to the Búvópatak cave in Szolcsva – Dr. László Enikő – RON 450

Support for travel to the Xantus competition – Cluj – Dvorácsek Ágoston – RON 69

Support for the “Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Memorial Day” event – RON 475

Funding for the organisation of the Bethlen Gábor College’s archives – EUR 3000

Purchase of an iron cabinet for the archive – RON 790

Support for travel to the IX Folk Singing Competition – Méra – Szabó L. Zsombor  – RON 120

Support for travel to the “Singing in the Spirit” Psalm and Folk Song Singing Competition – Oradea – Szabó L. Zsombor – RON 205

Purchase of books for the library of Bethlen Gábor College – Ercsey Etelka – RON 40

Support for a trip to an extraordinary literature class on the occasion of Ady Endre’s birthday – Csucsa – Turzai  Melánia– RON 1000

Wekerle Sándor library stock replenishment tender – Ercsey Etelka -RON 266

Contribution for making Christmas decorations for charity – Nagy Mónika – RON 100

“Őrhegy Aljában” self-study circle support – Lázár Emőke, Horváth Enikő – RON 424,75

“Hajnal akar lenni…” competition and support for travel to the “KÓTA Folk Music Qualifier” competition – Cluj-Napoca – Szabó L. Zsombor – RON 97 n

Support for an event organised by the Kurucok Memorial Guards – Galambfalvi  Angyalka– RON 225

Support for a trip to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Apáczai Lyceum – Cluj-Napoca – Turzai Melania – RON 70

Support for an event organised by the Kurucok Memorial Guards –  Galambfalvi Angyalka – RON 172

Santa Claus performance support, costume purchase -Bartha Melinda – RON 300

Support for the Reverse Horseshoe Drama Group – T-shirts –  Fodor Katalin – RON 629

Prize for the instructor of the Reverse Horseshoe Drama Club – 7500 Ron from BGA grant

Support for the Collegium Gabrielense Renaissance Dance Ensemble – Teaching Prize – RON 2300  – partly from BGA grant

Purchasing ingredients for Christmas decorations – Mester Ágnes – RON 177, 6

Support for the “Advent Wreath” competition – Déva -Mester Ágnes– RON 450

Danube House Project, travel expenses – Torockó – Szakács Ildikó – 600 Ron

Support for the team participating in the Wise Students competition – Krizbai Jenő – RON 168,86

Support for the trip to the Hauer Erich Physics Competition – Téglás Gábor Elementary School, Déva –  Dvorácsek Ágoston – RON 103

Support for the activities of the Fenichel Sámuel Self-education Circle – purchase of toner -Dvorácsek Ágoston  – RON 480

Support for student days organised by the Bethlen Gábor College Student Council – reimbursement of travel expenses for musicians – RON 210

End-of-year bonus for graduating students: RON 800

Support for the repatriation of students from the Gheorgheni Basin – RON 11 142

Grass seed for the courtyard of Bethlen Gábor College and Foundation – RON 200

Projector, laptop repair – RON 179,43

Purchase of cleaning tablets for the canteen – RON 902

Purchase of a table lamp for the warehouse – RON 73

Aiud -Soltvadkert visit to sister school- Harvest Festival- Melinda Bartha – RON 5000

Purchase of bed linen and work coats for the college-RON 1239

Support for Yuppi Association -RON 1000

Foundation operating costs in 2019 (salaries, bills)- RON 31 808


Targeted grants managed and implemented by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation:

Godparent programme – RON 238982

Molnár Árpád Prize Scholarship – RON 2500

Simon László Prize – Scholarship -RON  5689

Sepsi Noémi Zsuzsanna Prize – RON 1000

Juhász Mária scholarship – RON 6495

Vienna Scholarship – RON 6000

Berlin Scholarship – RON 12700

Margaret Mckay Scholarship – RON 1800

Dominich Sándor Prize – RON 200

Kisvárda scholarship: RON 9997

Transylvanian Reformed Church District: RON 21 500 -operation and reward books.


Donations and other income:

2% – RON 4608

Veldhausen – RON 12842

MIT grant – RON200

Other donations – RON 50267

Exchange rate increase – RON 26200

Other financial investment income – RON 12787

The donations listed above were made by companies and individuals to support our students’ travel to competitions.

The Bethlen Gábor Foundation of Aiud’s settled and successful applications in 2019


Sponsor Objective of the application Amount awarded Responsible for the application
BGA Organisation of a Renaissance afternoon HUF 350,000 Turzai Melania
BGA Support for the Reverse Horseshoe Drama Circle HUF 500,000 Turzai Melania
BGA Support for the Bethlen Gábor College of Social Sciences HUF 5,000,000 Turzai Melania
Ministry of Human Capacities (Csoóri Sándor Programme) Support for the Fügevirág folk dance group HUF 2,000,000 Turzai Melania
Communitas Foundation Covering of boarding costs 24,780 Ron Veres Edit


Szőcs Ildikó

President of the Foundation

Horváth Éva Enikő


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