As part of this project, the Gábor Bethlen Foundation received a grant of 45,000 lei from the Communitas Foundation, which we used to fully or partially pay for the services that ensure the efficient functioning of the college and the foundation.

The implementation of four services became possible thanks to the support. Two services fully serve the interests of the college, and two services have helped the operation/development of our foundation this year. At the same time, the whole community of the college is also an indirect beneficiary of the support, if our foundation works properly, the college can benefit from several advantages – since as a support institution, the purpose of our foundation is to support the didactic and educational activity that takes place in college.

Thanks to the support received from the Communitas Foundation, we can report the following results:


  1. We were able to pay 6 months of costs associated with the maintenance of the football field turf. It was also thanks to a project that a modern, quality football field could be created for the students of the college, so it is important to keep the quality and maintain it properly, for which the work of an expert is essential.


2.We managed to introduce the electronic catalog at Gábor Bethlen College. This development is a great step forward in education and is not only an improvement but also a great help in informing parents about their children’s school status. It was too expensive for the school, in addition to the other permanent expenses, from the support we received we also managed to pay the costs of the electronic catalog for the school year 2023/2024.



3. We managed to have all the texts on the official website of the Gábor Bethlen Foundation translated into Romanian and English, which was a necessary step for the development of our website, the introduction of multilingualism. Since there is a lot of information available on our website – project reports, scholarship opportunities, grant collection, supporter search, results achieved, presentation of our talent points – we want to reach a larger community through multilingualism, hoping to find supporters in this way, even from abroad. (


4. The work of the accountant is essential for the proper functioning of the foundation, to keep the accounting up to date. As a result, the accountant’s fee is a constant expense, which was reduced by the grant because we were able to settle the equivalent of five months’ fee on the project. ​

So, we can say that thanks to the support, our school and foundation have been able to achieve goals that all turned out to be necessary, but without support it would have been difficult to achieve them.


Thank you for your support!

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