The Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud has a significant number of extracurricular activities and talent workshops, which are supported by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation, as a supporting institution of the college.

Our Foundation has been supporting talent workshops at Bethlen Gábor College for years. One of these is the Reverse Horseshoe drama group. From this application, which was announced in 2019 by the BGA Zrt. we supported the drama group.

Through this application, our Foundation has contributed to the effective functioning of the Drama Group in the following ways. First of all, it has paid the fees of the group’s director, with whom a contract has been concluded for this purpose. It was also possible to purchase props, sets and costumes. Lastly, the Foundation has also used this grant to support posters and other printing costs.


This kind of support is very important for similar groups, because on the one hand, the current educational framework does not allow us to hold such classes in an official timetable, so the drama group needs the support of the Foundation, and on the other hand, the operation of talent workshops has a community-building, personality-development role.

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