Project Report – Csoóri Sándor Programme 2020

With the support of the Csoóri Sándor Fund 2020, it was possible to organize cultural and folk art programs for the Fügevirág folk dance group of Aiud and for the youth. Although the programmes have been reorganised due to the epidemic situation in the second semester of the 2020-21 school year, we carried out  community-building and traditional activities. After the extended break, students enjoyed dancing the dance steps of Kalotaszeg. Thanks to the grant, the students of the college were able to learn the steps from professional folk dance teachers.  Folk dance instructors from the Szarkaláb Cultural Association in Cluj-Napoca worked with children and adults on a weekly basis.

Since the planned outings and trips could not be realized due to the precautionary measures, a folk dance camp was organized in the college between 12-16 July 2021, where we also welcomed interested people from the Hungarian settlements of the area, including those who will start their studies in the college from the next academic year. The theme of the camp was Kalotaszeg, the instructors tried to familiarize the participants with the region and its folk traditions, there was a folk costume show, and the participants could also watch  Marosán Csaba’s individual programme “Nagyírásos” (Great Writings) – Writers’ and Poets’ Confessions about Kalotaszeg, in which he told and recited about outstanding personalities of Kalotaszeg.


At the end of the camp, a performance took place in the Ceremonial Hall of the College, where they presented what they had learned in the camp to the parents and interested visitors.


To sum up, thanks to the support, students were able to participate in community-building, traditional and cultural programmes. The aim of Bethlen Gábor College is to pass on moral values to the students, which they can take with them when they leave the walls of the college. We believe that we can achieve this mainly through the preservation of our traditions and culture.

Thank you for your support in helping to preserve our community-building folk culture!


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