The modern gymnasium garden of Bethlen Gábor College was inaugurated


The modernisation of the Gymnasium is the result of a joint effort of the Bethlen Gábor Foundation and the Transylvanian Reformed Church District.  Initially, the promenade was renovated and paved, a car driveway was built, the smaller field was enlarged, so that a handball and basketball court was built next to the grass football pitch, and new fencing, piped water and adequate lighting were installed. The above-mentioned works have been completed with the help of a grant from the National Policy State Secretariat of the Prime Minister’s Office of the Bethlen Gábor Foundation. We have been able to provide the tracks with a better-quality surface. This means that the football pitch has been turfed and the multi-purpose sports pitch has been rubberised.


The multi-purpose track has a rubberised layer similar to that of an athletics track. This is much safer for the children. A rubberised layer suitable for ball games has been applied to the track, which is a pre-cast rubber surface of several colours moulded onto a base layer. It is planned to paint 3 courts handball, basketball and tennis courts on it. The concrete base of the court was prepared, a concrete surface treatment was applied, followed by the mechanised application and spreading of the rubber base, the mechanised laying of the coloured layer in lanes, and finally the levelling of the 3 courts.

Given the size of the tracks, the financial resources needed to carry out these works were considerable.

Thanks to the support provided by the Hungarian Government, the above-mentioned plans were successfully implemented this year, as the Bethlen Gábor Foundation received a grant worth HUF 31,733,240, which was used to construct a multifunctional pitch and modernise the football pitch.

This project will help our Hungarian community in Transylvania to survive and thrive, and support our efforts to preserve our Hungarian identity by attracting students who are willing to leave their distant homes and become students of Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud, in a modern, well-equipped environment. The main goal of our foundation is to provide mother tongue education to as many students as possible, as Hungarian education is the basis for preserving our Hungarian identity.

As spring approached, the work was well underway. The football pitch was already covered with turf:

The surfacing of the multifunctional pitch was then completed. Work progressed according to plan, with the concrete surface being treated first. This was followed by the mechanized application and spreading of the rubber base, then the mechanized laying of the coloured layer in strips. The final step was the levelling of the pitches for the ball games.

In the framework of the joint opening ceremony of the Transylvanian and Partium Reformed Colleges, the Gymnasium was also inaugurated. This special event was attended by State Secretary  Potápi Árpád János, Deputy Bishop Kolumban Vilmos József, Head of Department Brendus Réka, Mayor Oana Badea, Deputy Mayor Lőrincz Helga, Project Officer, Bárócz Lehel, representatives of the Reformed Colleges, church and secular leaders.

The students of Bethlen Gábor College thanked the participants with a series of exercises reminiscent of the traditional gymnastics exams of past decades.



Thank you for the opportunity! Thank you for your support!



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