Project Report – Invitational Application 2020

The Bethlen Gábor College has been in continuous development for several years. Not only have the walls been renovated, but the interior of the college has also been upgraded with modern equipment over the years.

All these innovations would not have been possible without the Bethlen Gábor Foundation, the background institution of the college, and the grants it has won. In 2020, we have again succeeded in securing funding for the college. Once again, the submission of an invitational application to the BGA Zrt. has contributed to the smooth operation and development of the college.

The biggest improvement from this grant is the Bethlen Gábor College, which includes the installation of new equipment in the boarding rooms, the club room, the kitchenette and the canteen. We have managed to provide the boarding rooms, the club room and the kitchen with appropriate furniture, and a laptop and printer had been purchased for the club room. We believe that these areas of the boarding house also need special attention, as they are segments of the overall image of the boarding house that bring the community together, create a homely atmosphere and allow the boarding students to spend their afternoons together. During the time spent in the clubroom, film nights, discussions, students can develop close friendships and form a strong, cohesive community. In addition to this, we have also managed to set up an isolation room, in view of the current epidemic situation, to provide a human environment for isolated people in case of need.

In addition, we managed to buy household appliances, washing machines, clothes dryers and refrigerators with the grant, thus making the everyday life of our students easier. We consider it important to create the right conditions for our students, because spending time in a pleasant environment has a positive effect on them, they feel less deprived of the warmth of their home.

Another key feature of the boarding house, the canteen, could also be equipped with the necessary utensils, dishwasher and fridges. These tools are an essential part of efficient work and cleanliness, given that more than 250 people are served daily at the convent, including boarding students, teachers, nursery school children and small school children. In the interests of hygiene, the meal trays and cups have also been replaced thanks to the support.

The Bethlen Gábor Foundation had also contributed to the operation of the college through the above-mentioned grant, by paying the utility fees. The grant was used to pay the gas bill for two winter months, which was a great help to the college.

Finally, the last part of the grant was used to pay the annual gross remuneration of the accountant on a personal contract with the Bethlen Gábor Foundation. The repayment of this cost has also been a great help to the Foundation in terms of sustainability, as it has reduced the amount of annual expenditure.

In conclusion, the BGA Zrt. grant opportunity has been of great help to the students, faculty and staff of the college in 2020.

We can proudly say that the Bethlen Gábor College is a real treasure for the Hungarian community in Alba County, where parents can send their children, knowing that they are in the best place. And for the College and the Foundation, the children are the real treasures, because it is through them that the above-mentioned work, the striving for development and beautification, gains meaning.






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