Project report – invitational application 2023

Sponsor: State Secretariat for National Policies within the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Tenderer: Bethlen Gábor Alapkezelő Zrt.

Beneficiary: Gábor Bethlen Foundation

Project title: Support for operation and purchase of equipment for Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud

Amount of contracted support:  5,000,000 HUF

Total project cost:  5,000,000 HUF

Amount of support: 100%

Start of implementation of the project: March 1, 2022.

Finalization of the implementation of the project: 30 June 2023.


The presentation of the content of the project and its objectives:

1. Equipping the medical offices of the Gábor Bethlen College with the necessary furniture and examination instruments.In compliance with the official regulations, were purchased the tools that a school/nursery must have. It has proven to be a very useful implementation as it provides protection to both parents and students, in case of any health problem they can turn to the people working in the health sector who will provide care and guide them along the way.

2. For the staff responsible for cleaning the school, appropriate cabinets were purchased for storing cleaning products and tools, in compliance with hygiene rules, so they will be stored in the appropriate place in the future.

3. To ease the work of the cooks, large baking trays were purchased, which can be used to prepare a large amount of lunch for more than 100 people per day. The kitchen has also been extended with a microwave.

4. Contribution to the payment of the maintenance costs of Bethlen Gábor College. In particular, the foundation’s support is needed to pay natural gas bills during the winter months. All this was done in accordance with the provisions of the cooperation agreement between the college and the foundation.

The need for investments:

At the center of this implementation were the employees of the college, for them were purchased the missing work tools that ensure or improve the efficient performance of their work. We strive to create a familiar and comfortable environment for students and college employees.

In recent years, the college has gone through an extraordinary development, and the modernization of the interior spaces and equipment were made possible thanks to the projects won by the Gábor Bethlen Foundation. Every year, thanks to the grants, we are one step closer to the complete renovation of the school.

Overall, we can say that through this project, our foundation has been able to repeatedly contribute to the support of the quality teaching and educational activity carried out in the college and, at the same time, as an ONG, we have been able to reduce permanent expenses for the year 2022.

The developments were made possible by:



We thank the State Secretariat for National Policies within the Chancellery of the Prime Minister for the support!

In addition to the modern conditions offered by the college, students receive education in Hungarian, and the entire college community works to strengthen their sense of Hungarian national identity.


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