In 2021, the application submitted by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation to support religious creative communities and musical groups was positively evaluated.

Our Foundation has been awarded HUF 2 100 000 by the Ministry of Human Capacities through a grant opportunity announced by the Ministry of Human Capacities.


The aim of the programme is to raise the level of religious music culture, to make it known to society and to strengthen faith.

With this grant, we want to revitalise the activities of the long-established youth orchestra and raise them to a higher level, and providing instruments is an essential part of this.

To achieve this, the grant was used to purchase the necessary musical instruments, including flutes, synthesizers, drums, guitars, kayons, speakers, microphones and their accessories, amplifiers, etc.

The instruments are owned by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation, and in order to maintain their good quality over the long term, all instruments have been purchased with covers for proper storage.

We want to create a well-equipped orchestra that can work continuously and will no longer have problems with a lack of instruments or equipment.

Since the ensemble already has the instruments it needs, the aim is to have an ensemble of students from the college perform at various events, school services or even church events in the area to praise the Lord with live music.

For us, it is important that students experience community life, what it is like to be part of a team, and the beauty of belonging together.

The school’s orchestra is a great opportunity for students to learn to play different instruments, but most importantly, they can come closer to God through music-making, youth songs and psalm-singing.

Szilágyi Róbert, IT teacher and musician, is in charge of the orchestra, while the chaplain of the college, Demeter István Szabolcs and Szabó Zsombor, a qualified music teacher of our school, also contribute to the running of the orchestra, passing on their professional knowledge to the students.

Performances by the youth orchestra:

1). The Youth Orchestra performed in the banquet hall of Bethlen Gábor College in the framework of the joint opening ceremony of the Transylvanian and Partium Reformed Colleges, creating a good atmosphere for the gathered guests:


2). The members of the Youth Orchestra participated in the IKE camps in Algyógy and Alvinci, praised the Lord with religious light music, visited the newly renovated churches and sang together:


3). The Magyarlapád congregation was visited twice by the Youth Orchestra of Bethlen Gábor College, where they delighted the community with beautiful youth songs in the newly renovated church. On the second occasion, on the 4th Sunday of Advent, the pastors invited the orchestra to perform Christmas carols in the barn next to the church, creating a cosy Christmas atmosphere.







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Thanks to the teacher Szilágyi Róbert and the school pastor Demeter Szabolcs István  for their sacrificial work, creating opportunities for the students of the college to develop, to learn about the instruments and last but not least for showing the students the way to God.

Thanks to the Ministry of Human Capacities for making it all happen!

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