Student days at Gábor Bethlen College 2023


Bethlen Gábor College student days were organized between May 10-13, in the college. Five teams participated, 10 people in each team. Players had to adapt to the theme of Sherlock Holmes, dress up and campaign daily, creating an atmosphere for our school children.


The Student Council team was the main organizer of the event, under the guidance of teacher Angyalka Galambfalvi, and the Gábor Bethlen Foundation also contributed to their event, through this grant. As a background institution of the school, in addition to education, we also pay attention to supporting student community development activities, because youth activities are also very important, socialization, community formation, humor and cheerful student life.



The first day was all about dance and music, while the other days created a more complex effect.

On the second day, they tested their competitors in a water gun fight, eating competition and logic questions, the participants passed all the tests.


The third day was about sports, football, basketball, e-sports, obstacle course and crate climbing.

On the fourth and final day, they started with a treasure hunt, continued with a cooking competition and closed the scoring with an evening of debates.

Everyone waited with entuziasm the announcement of the results, but there was no reason to be sad, because everyone received a prize:

I Prize : DramaShock













II. Prize: Shrecklock-Holmes

III. Prize : Invictus

IV. Prize: Gyúlékonyak

V Prize : Shakesbeer

The event ended with joint singing and a joint picture. It was an emotional day for the high school students of the College, which they will probably remember for a long time. We are glad that the Gábor Bethlen Foundation could contribute to the success of the Student Council event through this application.
Thank you for the support!

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