Scholarship Programmes

Godparent Program

Under the “Godparent Programme” you can become a symbolic godparent for a Hungarian child who wishes to study at the Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud, the “Bethlehem Star” of Hungarian-language education, by covering the costs of boarding and education per child. If you wish the relationship could end here or develop further.

Premium Scholarship Program in Transilvania

organized by the Foundation of Gábor Bethlen College (BGK) in Aiud

The Foundation of the Gábor Bethlen College in Nagyenyed announces the Aracs-Trischler scholarship, which is donated annually by János Aracs and Zsuzsanna Aracs Trischler, who live in Budapest.

With this scholarship, the couple intends to support Hungarian education in Transylvania and at the same time commemorate the historical struggles of their family.

As part of the Premium Scholarship Program, we support an exceptionally talented and hard-working boarding student who has completed the 9th grade of the school year, which means full board and 50,000 Huf teaching aid support per semester.

Calls for proposals

Scholarship opportunities acquired, administered and awarded by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation in Aiud, which may be awarded through an application process.


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