Godparent Program

The programme aims to:

Under the “Godparent Programme” you can become a symbolic godparent for a Hungarian child who wishes to study at the Bethlen Gábor College in Aiud, the “Bethlehem Star” of Hungarian-language education, by covering the costs of boarding and education per child. If you wish the relationship could end here or develop further. Emlékmű

How much does it cost to support one of our students?

By becoming a godparent and paying HUF 250 000  or EUR 750  per year, you ensure the child’s mother tongue education. From this amount, we can cover the costs of the yearly boarding for your protegee (accommodation, three meals a day, textbooks, etc.). We also accept partial subsidies according to your financial means, or you can sponsor several children in our institution. You can also sponsor your partner’s university studies through our foundation.

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Our programme goes far beyond financial support for the child. Through the personal contacts that can be established (correspondence, visits to Aiud, etc.), you can gain insight into the life of the Transylvanian Hungarians living in the Hungarians in the diaspora and follow the development of your “godchild”. To the extent of your financial means, you can also participate in other economic programmes of our Foundation, thus strengthening the basis of our operation.

Our mission

All over Transylvania, including in Lower Alba County, there are hundreds of Hungarian children who are forced to attend non-native schools, and as a result we are losing them, they are becoming rootless, giving up their identity, forgetting their mother tongue. With your financial support, our college can take on the task of providing education for the Hungarian minority in South and Central Transylvania. We can enrol children from all parts of Romania in our College-type institution from 6 to 19 years old.

The practical implementation of the programme:

The programme is sponsored by the Bethlen Gábor Foundation in Aiud.

Once you have indicated your interest in receiving funding, our Programme Officer:

Kőmíves Blanka will contact you: +40 787 565 334 email: keresztszulobgk@yahoo.com

Postal address: Kőmíves Blanka, Bethlen Gábor College, 515200 Aiud, str. Bethlen Gábor nr. 1;

Bank details of the foundation:

Fundatia Bethlen Gábor


Swift code: RZBRROBU

Tax number: 12878880

Account numbers:

RO17RZBR0000000060008812440 – USD account

RO88RZBR0000000060003289825 – HUF account

RO76RZBR0000000060003041430 – EUR account

RO50RZBR0000000060003041413 – RON account

In Hungary:

Bethlen Gábor Foundation, Aiud;

Bank account number: 12021006-01196469-00100009

International payment account number:/IBAN: HU71-1202-1006-01196469-0010-0009

Bank branch address: Raiffeisen Bank Plc. H-2100 Gödöllő, 5 Gábor Áron Street

We look forward to hearing from you, become a Godparent in Aiud!

Come and see us!

Szőcs Ildikó

Director, President of the Foundation

Kőmíves Blanka

office manager, programme officer

Dr. Szőcs Gyula Kálmán

trustee and patron of

the Foundation in Hungary



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